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Blinds & Curtains

Simply installing blinds and/or curtains on each sun-facing window can significantly reduce your energy costs. You can choose window treatments and window coverings to help save energy. Drapery, blinds and High-reflectivity window films help block summer heat gain.

When we do a Manual J energy analysis we need to measure all the window treatments and the window themselves to calculate how much air conditioning is needed for your home or office.
If you are experiencing high electric bills or comfort problems in your home or office please call us schedule an energy audit now.

We will calculate and measure the BTUH’s of energy required for the specific space. Inspect the building envelope with our thermal imagining infrared camera for hidden energy loss. Inspect the air conditioning unit for its rated capacity and delivered capacity. Inspect the ductwork for proper sizing, installation, leaks and insulation R Value.

We love solving air conditioning problems. But, more importantly we love our happy customers when we get to make their comfort problems go away. Call us today and let’s get started!

These “Bermuda Shutters” are not the most efficient, but provide a simple, high-fashion appearance.