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Condensation Drain Line

The condensate drain system on your air conditioner system is crucial for its proper routine operation. Blockages and failures due to a variety of causes can have catastrophic results within walls and ceilings of structures leading to costly home repairs. Because of this, we recommend professional annual maintenance so it can be inspected and cleaned.

We offer emergency shut off switches for the air conditioners primary drain. They are installed on the primary drain. If an emergency were to arise you have the protection and peace of mind that the system wont damage your home.

There are sophisticated water safety alarms that can send the customer and us an alert to notify of a problem or a service repair call. The is the best proactive approach and most convenient for the customer.

One sign of a condensation problem (for Arizona climate) on systems installed in the attic of the home is a rusty wall on the outside of the home. The emergency pan is most likely catching the over flow water and running out the upper 3/4″ PVC line located high in the air. It is placed there by CODE to give notice to the customer that something is wrong.

The lower 3/4″ PVC line will begin to run heavily starting with monsoon season, around mid June and ending late September when humidity drops back down.

A clean inside coil, P-Trap and condensate line will help ensure the system is ready for summers monsoon season. Our spring maintenance program will discover problems and help protect you from any damages.

If you suspect that your drainage system is not working properly, compromised or not functioning properly, please call us today. 480-567-5334