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Residential New Construction

Building a new home?

If you are a residential building contractor or a buyer considering
Ask us about properly designed duct system will ensure correct airflow and comfort.
We will calculate the proper “Manual J” to make sure that your system is properly sized for your new home.

New A/C Unit with Eco-friendly R-410A Refrigerant

Did you know?

New AC units using R-410A refrigerant (replacing R-22 Freon) can save you anywhere from 20-40% on your energy bills. Technological advances have produced much more efficient units, and that efficiency is passed on to you, the homeowner.

All manufacturers require a total static pressure of .5 or less for their SEER rating to be effective. Most customers understand SEER rating but fail to understand the importance of static pressure, and this is the number one problem causing poor efficiency and discomfort.

At Day Advanced Air Conditioning, we design and test every system to verify that you receive exactly the performance that the manufacturer specifies. This guarantees not only your long-term comfort, but that you get exactly what you have paid for.